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Care about childhood cancer

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is a full month for awareness issues, and while we cannot possibly cover every one of them, we’re going to look at a couple of them.  One of September’s titles is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. While childhood cancer is an issue that many of us have not dealt with personally, there are many who have dealt with it quite personally.  And so, it’s an issue that we should be willing to understand in a deeper way. The first way to do this is to increase our awareness about childhood cancer.  The co-founder and executive director of The Morgan Adams …

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How to Keep Little Ones Busy When You Have to Work

School is looming ahead for most of us, and for many of us it doesn’t look the same as it ever has.  The balance of working from home, leading virtual schooling or a new home school, and tending to younger children is a problem many of us have not faced on such a long-term basis before. How do we work from home, help our school aged kids with their virtual schooling, and tend to little ones who want our attention or want to be part of what’s going on?  This has typically been an issue for traditional home-schoolers, but with …

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Signing Time Your Way: Integrating Signing with Homeschooling

Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed. Originally Published March 5, 2013. Updated to reflect current information. Families who homeschool their children have a wonderful opportunity to choose curriculum and activities tailored exactly to their child’s needs and interests. Let’s look at some of the ways that signing with your homeschooled child can be integrated into your day. Capitalize on your child’s learning strengths As we well know, children learn in different ways and through a variety of strengths. Sign language taps into tactile (touch), auditory, visual, and kinesthetic (movement) ways of communicating, making it highly accessible for just about any young learner. Further, …

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How to Stop Your Child from Whining

Why do children whine? Children typically start whining as they develop verbal language. It’s often the only way toddlers express themselves when they are hungry, tired, uncomfortable or don’t want to do something. While whining is very common in toddlers, but by age 3-4, children should be able to use the same words to express themselves with a less whiny voice. Then by age 6-8, children should be able to break the habit completely. Positive Parenting states kids whine, “Because it works!” (For your kids, that is.) When your kids whine and negotiate, they secure a big chunk of your …

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Internet Movie Database (IMDb) Poll Includes Signing Time

Have you ever heard of the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)? It is a site for movie and TV buffs to share and find information. Over 250,000,000 people visit the site each month! One popular feature is the user poll, and this week they are asking people about their favorite PBS children’s show. “Signing Time” is one of only 15 choices! We would love for you to check out the poll, vote for your favorite, and check the current standings. To vote, you’ll need to be a registered user, and registration is free. If you have time, vote in some of the other …

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Signing Time Products are Available on Amazon

Are you a die-hard DVD fan? You can still get our award-winning Signing Time sign language videos, which aired on Public Television, Netflix, and Nick Jr., on DVD. Baby Signing Time, Potty Time, Signing Time, and Rachel & the TreeSchoolers are now available on Amazon! Shop collections and individuals on our Official Signing Time Amazon Store. Best Baby Sign Language DVDs! Teaches baby’s first 100 words in ASL signs! BUY NOW   Potty training made fun and easy! BUY NOW   Get the first 13 DVDs – over 350 ASL signs – that started it all in one convenient package. BUY …

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Family Holiday Traditions

by Mikayla McLaws  Perhaps there are new holiday traditions you want to start. My family is going through this right now. My husband and I have one son who is almost 2 years old, and we want to start some traditions in our own little family. Growing up, both of our families had many traditions that I hold dear to my heart. So, we are trying to find some things that we both enjoy doing and that our children can grow up to appreciate and look forward to, just as our parents did for us. Thinking back on my childhood, …

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Grateful for Signing Time!

When we started learning Sign Language from Signing Time with our children over 16 years ago our goal was to offer early communication to our children. Our children have experienced several benefits from using sign language such as fewer tantrums, early/advanced reading skills, and a love for learning. We have used sign language to communicate during a movie, at church, and even when my children are on the bench during their hockey games. My oldest daughter has continued to learn sign language in High School and has been able to use it while at work to communicate with Deaf patrons. …

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One Family’s Story – Sign Language to Law School

One of the most wonderful gifts we get here at Two Little Hands is hearing how sign language has made a difference in families lives. We received this story from a family in Indiana and we had to share it with you. Thank you, Bob, for taking the time to share your story with us. Sign Language at 3, to Law School, to Signing with Grandchildren I wanted to tell you about what happened almost 40 years ago. My wife and I decided to take a signing class at our church. One evening we were eating supper and our first daughter …

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