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We Love Music!

Music is an important part of My Signing Time. In fact, when we started in 2002, Signing Time and Baby Signing Time were created using music. Our videos use original songs written by our founder and co-creator, Rachel de Azevedo Coleman and composed by her father and president of Two Little Hands, Lex de Azevedo. Rachel and her sisters (sister Emilie de Azevedo is co-creator of Signing Time) and brothers sing many of the songs in Signing Time. Some of the Rachel & the TreeSchoolers are written and performed by Rachel’s brother, Aaron. So, yes, we really do love music! …

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Down Syndrome Awareness - Signing Time Foundation

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month and the Signing Time Foundation is proud to be a long-standing supporter of children with Down syndrome and their families. Signing Time Co-founder Rachel Coleman has often be found at National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) Buddy Walks around the country, and we’ve been working hard to build a great database of resources for you to use when signing with children who have Down syndrome. The goal of the Buddy Walk is to promote understanding and acceptance of people with Down syndrome. “My September and October weekends are filled with Buddy Walks!” says Rachel. “At each …

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It’s Summer time and Hopkins is packing a bag and ready for adventure! Join Signing Time fans and Signing Time Academy Instructors worldwide as we take Hopkins traveling with us!   Ready, Set, Hop! Hopkins’ adventures begin now and they will continue all summer. Pull out a map, and follow his travels with your family! He will be hopping all over the world! Where is he going? To find out, follow the hashtag #WhereIsHopkins on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets. As he travels, his helpers will post photos and information about the places he visits! You and …

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The Road Less Traveled…Ouch!

By Derek Brown – AKA Alex’s dad, Leah’s Uncle   I chose to run a half marathon because I am in fantastic shape, I knew it would be easy, and I thought it would be a pleasurable experience.  Well, not really.  Actually, I chose to do it because my 11-year-old, Alex, decided to do it and asked me if I was up to doing it   with him.  What would you do? Now, just a bit of friendly advice here:  if you are going to run a half marathon, there is the way to do it, and then, of course, there …

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Are You “Just-a-Mom”?

“Mother dear, I love you so,

Your happy smiling face

Is such a joy to look at,

It makes home a lovely place”

This was a song I sang many years ago as little girl in Jr. Sunday School. Our mothers wore corsages, got a long-stemmed carnation or a little plant from the church, and had either had breakfast in bed prepared by the children with help from Father, or went out after church services to a nice place for lunch.

I am a Baby-Boomer, born in the post-World War II years between 1946 and 1956.

Hi, I’m Alex!

Usually I’d introduce myself, but if you’re reading this I’m guessing that you already know me. I’m that little boy on your TV, forever frozen in time as a 3-7 year old. Some people can tell they’re getting older when they graduate from high school and go to college. Some people can tell they’re older when they can drive. I realized I was getting older when I was replaced with a cartoon of myself, as a baby. That was how I knew I was getting old back then. Now, I can tell I’m getting even older, because the cartoon of …

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#HopkinsHolidays – Canadian Thanksgiving

Hopkins had so much fun with #WhereIsHopkins that he wanted to go on more adventures. He is exploring the different holidays and traditions around the world with #HopkinsHolidays. Today is Thanksgiving in Canada which is the festivals of thanks and celebration of harvest. It is celebrated by families in Canada with a feast, parades, and football. See what Hopkins has learned about Canadian Thanksgiving as he celebrated with a few families today. Download his Canadian Thanksgiving Factsheet now. You can join in the fun by inviting Hopkins to join you to celebrate one of your Holidays. Simply have your Plush Hopkins with you …

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Dorm Sweet Dorm

by Leah Coleman When I was packing up for college last fall, my mom came in my room and said that she had booked the plane tickets. “Tickets?” I asked, and then she told me she was coming with me. I was relieved, because I had completely assumed I was going to go on my own. We still laugh about it today. She had asked, “How on earth were you going to get to campus? A taxi?” “Yes, that was my plan!” I told her.  I’ve always been a little independent. Dorm life at RIT brought some new changes in my …

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#HopkinsBack2School Giveaway

  To celebrate the start of the school year, we’re giving away the Signing Time Video: Welcome to School. This popular video teaches fun songs and useful signs your child can use at school every day! Our five random winners can choose digital or DVD format (DVD for US winners only).* How to enter: Print this entry image (for the blackboard image use a white crayon or marker to write your grade on the image) Write in your child’s grade Take a photo of your child holding the image (It does not have to be on their first day of school) Publicly post your photo …

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Hopkins Travels #WhereIsHopkins

Hopkins has traveled to Seoul Korea, Japan, Canada, Germany, and all over the United States. From helping in the Two Little Hands office and warehouse during our $10 DVD sale, to homework with a friend, Hopkins has been very busy since Memorial Day. Signing Time families have taken him on road trips, hiking, to play at the park, and more. Your local Signing Time Academy Instructors have kept Hopkins busy at summer camps, field trips, classes, story times, and family vacations. How can I follow all of Hopkins travels? We have made it easy with the hashtag #WhereIsHopkins. As you and your kids follow Hopkins, you can learn about geography, …

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