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Bathroom in Sign Language

Learn how to sign bathroom early on! It is one you will have the opportunity to use it so many times a day. It is also a really valuable sign to have on hand during potty training time. A child who may not be quite ready to articulate a series of words like, “I have to go potty”, can easily use the sign alone, or to support what they are trying to communicate. Or, help your baby sign potty and get a jump on that potty training!

1. Bring one hand up in a t-shape (this is the same sign for the letter T)
2. Twist your wrist back and forth to sign “bathroom” or “potty”.
3. This sign looks like you are shaking a toilet handle. Use that visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips

• The sign for “bathroom” and “toilet” or “potty” are all the same – you can use the sign interchangeably for these words and concepts.
• Reinforce simple phonics with this sign. It uses the “t” hand shape, as in “t” is for toilet, which is what we use to go potty!
• Use this sign to cue potty training children to remember to stop and go, or to indicate them it is time to try.
• Use the sign to discreetly ask the older but newly potty-trained child if they need to stop and use the potty.
• Be sure to check out our Potty Time DVD for many ways to use this very valuable sign and to make potty training a breeze!


Bathroom. Make a T and shake it side from side to side. It’s also the sign for toilet. There’s always a toilet in the bathroom. Bathroom or toilet.