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Teach Your Child Baby Sign Language

Use this sign language dictionary to teach your baby simple sign language


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Bathtub in Sign Language

Learn how to sign bathtub both reinforces the sign “bath” and teaches a little bit of finger spelling!

1. Start with signing the word “bath”.
2. Next fingerspell t-u-b.
3. When you finger spell, there is no need bounce your wrist between each letter. Just keep a steady hand up, about shoulder height, and clearly and smoothly make each letter.

Teaching Tips

• Create alphabet learning games with signs that incorporate finger spelling, such as t-u-b in this word. Sign t-u-b (or any other word) and have the child try to guess what you are signing.
• Teach children that when finger spelling, you don’t say the letter you are signing, but rather you say the sound the letter makes, just as if you were sounding out a word when learning to read. This makes learning to read finger spelling much easier in the long run.


Bathtub. You sign bath like you’re washing your body and then you finger spell tub: T U B. Bathtub, bathtub.