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Bear in Sign Language

A bear is often a favorite companion, a main character in a beloved children’s story, or a must-see at the zoo. Wherever you run into these furry creatures, you’re going to want to know how to sign bear!

1. Cross your arms and touch hands to shoulders (left hand to right shoulder, right hand to left shoulder).
2. Keep fingers open, palms down, so they look a little like claws.
3. Scratch your shoulders with your bear claws!

Teaching Tips

• Use this sign wherever bears are found. Find a favorite stuffed bear to sign to and cuddle, sign the word bear when you read books such as “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, or go looking for bears in zoos.
• Sign language can be a tool used in fun learning games for kids. For instance, sign “bear” and then ask your child to name all the things they know about bears.
• Have some fun with facial expressions with this sign. When you sign “bear” make a bear face and a growl, or maybe you have a friendly bear! Integrate the sign into creative play.


Cross your arms and sign bear?

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