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comb hair

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Comb Hair in Sign Language

Learn how to sign comb hair and integrate this sign into your morning routine.

1. Bring one hand up towards the top of your head, palm in, fingers crooked down.
2. Keeping the hand a few inches from the head, bring it from the top of the scalp down to about the ear a few times.
3. This sign looks like a big comb combing your hair! Use this visual to help you remember the sign.
Teaching Tips

  • Fun learning activities for kids can include learning self-care skills.  Instruct your child with words and sign to comb their hair in the morning and the evening. It’s okay to let them try for a few minutes and then you finish up.
  • What’s the craziest way you can comb your hair? You should try it right along
    with your child for extra comedic affect.


Comb hair! Shape your hand like a comb and comb your hair! Comb hair.