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Cracker in Sign Language

Learn how to sign cracker in ASL (American Sign Language). Use the sign frequently for this favorite crunchy snack.

  1. Bend one arm at the elbow and rest a light fist, palm down, on the same shoulder.
  2. Take the other hand in a fist and knock on the first arm’s elbow a couple of times.
  3. There really isn’t a visual to help you remember this sign! It’s just one you have to memorize… but it is easy to do and children often pick it up quite quickly!

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign cracker in ASL

  • Learning for kids is fun when it is tied into real life. Give your child a choice of healthy snacks, including a cracker, and ask them to choose. Sign the words for the snacks you are offering and ask your child to sign their choice back to you.
  • Have some fun with goldfish crackers! Create an underwater scene and add the cracker fish by gluing onto paper. Sign cracker and fish as you talk about what your little cracker creatures are up to.


You make a fist and knock it on your elbow, like this. Cracker. Cracker. Can you sign cracker?

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