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Crocodile in Sign Language

Learn how to sign crocodile so you can talk about this big fascinating creature using sign!

1. Bring both arms out in front of you, stacking them so you are keeping the forearms parallel.
2. The bottom arm’s hand is face up. The top arm is face down. Crook the fingers of both hands and move your arms apart and together a few times so the fingers tap together.
3. This sign looks like a giant crocodile mouth! Your arms are the long jaws and your fingers are the teeth snapping together. Use this visual to help you remember the sign… and don’t be afraid to play it up a bit!

Teaching Tips

  • Educational games for kids that use song are always a big hit. Teach “crocodile” with this popular counting down poem, using the signs for crocodile and monkey!:
    5 little monkeys swinging in a tree
    Along came a crocodile Quiet as can be
    The first monkey said “You can’t catch me”
    4 little monkeys swinging in a tree…, etc.
  • Create your own crocodile. Find a green sock (check the dollar store!) and decorate with big googly eyes and foam or felt spikes for teeth and the bumpy crocodile back. Have fun playing with your crocodile and practicing the sign.


Crocodile! Show his big mouth and his sharp teeth. Crocodile!