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Teach Your Child Baby Sign Language

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Cry in Sign Language

Learn how to sign cry so you can help your child talk in a healthy way about this sign of emotion.

1. Bring both pointer fingers up to just below your eyes, keeping the other fingers tucked in.
2. Lightly draw both fingers down your cheeks to near the corners of your mouth.
3. This sign looks like tears coming down your cheeks. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.
Teaching Tips

  • For kids, learning about their feelings is really important! Talk to your child about when he might cry. What should he do when he is hurt or sad or mad and the tears come? Answers might include things like coming to get a hug, holding a favorite stuffed toy, or taking a deep breath.
  • Play an acting opposites came about feelings and emotions. Sign words such as “happy”, “sad”, “laugh”, “cry”, etc. to your child and have them act out the emotion in return. Then switch roles.


Cry. Use your pointer fingers to show tears coming down your cheeks. Cry.

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