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D in Sign Language

Learn how to sign D is ASL and use it not only in the ABCs but to sign some words that begin with D as well!

1. Bring one hand up about shoulder height.
2. Touch middle, ring and pinky fingers to your thumb to make an o-shape
3. Extend the pointer finger straight up.
4. This sign looks a lot like a lower case d – or a little like a dog’s head with a perky ear! Use these visuals to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips

  • It’s easy to create alphabet learning games for kids. Try going on a “D hunt” – Look at a simple children’s book or poem and point to all the places you see the letter d. Make sure you sign each time!
  • Teach your child the sound the letter d makes. Be sure to make it a short d- sound and not an elongated sound like “duh”. Look around your house – what things do you see that start with the letter d? Say the word and sign the letter together!


This is the sign for the letter D. It looks a lot like a lower case D. D

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