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Eat in Sign Language

Learn how to sign eat in ASL (American Sign Language) nice and early! You’ll have so many opportunities to use it throughout the day!

  1. Pinch the tips of all fingers together and bring up to your mouth.
  2. Tap fingertips on your lips a few times.
  3. This sign looks just like you are popping some yummy food into your mouth. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign eat in ASL

  • Teach your baby sign language by starting with simple signs they can use early and often. Eat is a perfect example! Sign it each time you offer to nurse, bottle feed, or sample some solids.
  • While we never want to force signs, a little gentle hand-over-hand to help your child make the sign once in a while is fine. Eat is a good one for this because the hand shape is simple and comfortable… and the reward of eating fun!

It’s like there’s food in your hand and you bring it to your mouth. It’s also the sign for food. Food. Can you sign eat?

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