Sign Language Dictionary

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Farm in Sign Language

Learn how to sign farm and use it with books, songs, and when visiting the real thing!

1. Make an open hand shape, fingers slightly outstretched and palm down.
2. Bring your thumb up to your jaw on the opposite side of you face (so the right thumb would touch the left jaw, or the left thumb would touch the right jaw. Either is fine.)
3. Slide your thumb from one side of the jaw to the other.
4. Imagine the fence across the front of a farm. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips

  • Preschool learning is best done as hands on as possible! What’s the closest you can get to a farm? If you can’t visit a real one, get a toy set. Explore the farm and the animals together, practicing the sign frequently.
  • There are so many books about farms and you don’t have to know every sign in a story to combine signing and reading. Practice signing farm as you read all about one.

Farm. It’s an open hand that slides all the way from jaw to jaw like the fence across the front of the farm. Farm!