Sign Language Dictionary

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Football in Sign Language

Learn how to sign football in ASL and cheer for your family’s favorite team!

1. Bring hands up about shoulder height, fingers outstretched and separated so there is some space between each.
2. Bring hands together and crisscross your fingers, locking them together. (Keep them straight though – don’t fold them down!)
3. This sign looks like a big team coming in for a football huddle. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips

  • It’s easy to teach sign language when kids love the topics – and sports can be a great way to engage. Watch a little football together and talk about what the team is doing. Be sure to point out and praise good sportsmanship when you see it happen! You can use words like “nice”, “friend”, and “play” here too!
  • Play a game of “Signing Football Toss”. Have your child sign a word to you and then catch a football. Then you sign a word and catch the football your child throws.

Football. Your hands meet together for a huddle. Football.