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We are committed to providing resources for parents who value signing with their children. Our sign language dictionary includes over 400 common signs including the top starter sings for your baby. For each word, there is a video, diagram, and teaching notes to make learning new signs easy. Many of our signs include free downloadable ASL Flashcards to help reinforce the signs taught in our series.

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Lose in Sign Language

Learn how to sign lose – it’s an important sign to know when teaching good sportsmanship.

1. Bring one hand up about waist height, palm flat and facing up.
2. Extend the pointer and middle and tuck the remaining fingers into the palm on the second hand.
3. Drop your second hand into the palm of the first.
4. It isn’t the nicest visual, but this sign does look a little like someone falling down after they lose (a habit we don’t want to encourage, of course!), but you can use that visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Lose is the opposite of win. Practice both signs together and talk about how you feel and how you should react when each happens.
  • Teaching games for children that enforce good habits can begin early! Make a game of choosing safe places to store everyday items. Model by saying, “These keys are important! I don’t want to lose them! I will put them in the ______” Choose silly places at first. Maybe in the fridge, or under the kitchen table. Encourage your child to help you choose safe smart places to put the item so you don’t loose them. Then transition and help your child choose some safe places for her everyday items.

Lose. Make a two and bring it down on your flat hand. Lose.

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