Sign Language Dictionary

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March in Sign Language

Learn how to sign march and enjoy this creative way to get some energy out!

1. Bend both arms at the elbows and make the hands into fists.
2. Swing the arms back and forth and move the upper body as if you were marching.
3. This sign looks just like the movement it represents, so it is an easy one to remember!

Teaching Tips:

  • Play games for children that help them tune into rhythm. Turn on some music and practice marching to the beat. A fast song? March fast! A slow song? How slow can you make your body march? Help your child tune into the rhythm of the music and learn to match their bodies to the sounds.
  • Integrate creative movement into routine. Instead of just asking your child to brush his teeth, ask him to march to brush his teeth! (Or hop, run, etc.). Support the direction with a sign.

March. Show how you march with your arms. March! March, march, march, march, march.