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Monday in Sign Language

Learn how to sign Monday – the first day of the school week!

1. First make the sign for the letter M (Tuck your thumb between your pinky and ring finger. Curl the rest of your fingers down into the palm).
2. Place the M-shaped hand palm out and in front of you about shoulder height. Draw a circle in the air a few times (left to right if using the right hand and right to left if using the left hand).
3. M is for Monday! And it comes around every week! Use this cue to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Look at a calendar together and point to all the Mondays in the chosen month. Practice the sign as you find each one.
  • Reading games for kids often start with sight words – these are words children recognize on site, often because of repeat exposure in the environment. Days of the week are a great one because you can look at the calendar daily and talk about the days. Sign each as you review. Or, sign a day of the week and have your child find the corresponding word on the calendar.

Monday. Make an M. Now turn it towards you and circle it. Monday!