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Peas in Sign Language

Learn how to sign peas. There are lots of ways to enjoy this healthy vegetable!

1. Holding one hand at about chest height, extend the pointer finger of one hand and tuck in the remaining fingers.
2. With your second hand, cook your pointer finger and tuck in the remaining fingers.
3. Tap the crooked finger several times on the first finger, from the bottom of the finger to the tip.
4. Your first hand shows the pod and your second hand shows the peas in that pod. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • There are peas in a pod and there are shelled peas. Which does your family prefer? Ask your child to choose how to serve the peas and help you prepare this simple veggie side dish. Practice the sign as you go!
  • Create fun preschool games for children around making healthy choices. Offer play food, including peas, in a play kitchen area and encourage children to explore and play while practicing their signs.

Peas! Your finger shows the peas in the pod. Peas.