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We are committed to providing resources for parents who value signing with their children. Our sign language dictionary includes over 400 common signs including the top starter sings for your baby. For each word, there is a video, diagram, and teaching notes to make learning new signs easy. Many of our signs include free downloadable ASL Flashcards to help reinforce the signs taught in our series.

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Pencil in Sign Language

Learn how to sign pencil in ASL (American Sign Language). This useful tool is what we use to teach early writing.

  1. With one hand, touch your pointer and thumb together, tucking the remaining fingers into the palm.
  2. Lay your other hand flat, palm up, about chest height.
  3. With your first hand, now touch your lips, then bring it down to the second hand and “write” across the palm.
  4. This sign looks just like you are licking thinking and then beginning to write. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign pencil in ASL

  • There are pencils for writing and then there are pencils for coloring! Get a set of colored pencils and create a beautiful picture. Practice the sign for pencil and the signs for the colors you are using.
  • Teaching sign language to school aged children helps build vocabulary and sight words. Label items, such as pencils, and encourage children to read and sign the word when they reach for the item to complete classwork.

Pencil! Like you are holding a pencil. Touch your lip then write. Pencil!

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