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Porcupine in Sign Language

Learn how to sign porcupine. This woodland creature is cute – but stay clear!

1. Hold one arm parallel to your body with a closed fist. This is the porcupine body.
2. Place your second hand in a fist shape on the wrist of the first hand. Pop the hand up and open to a 5-shaped hand (all five fingers up and spread out). These are the quills.
3. This sign looks just like a porcupine getting ready to use his quills – look out! Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Art in early childhood education helps make concepts come alive! Make a craft porcupine. Create the body out of clay and use toothpicks for the quills. Sign porcupine as you create your creature!
  • Why does a porcupine have quills? Read together about this interesting creature and ask more questions together too! Sign porcupine as you learn.

Porcupine! Show his body and his quills pop up! Porcupine.