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Share in Sign Language

Learn how to sign share in ASL (American Sign Language). It’s not always easy to share – but it is what good friends do!

  1. Hold one hand up, palm flat with fingers pointing straight out away from you. The thumb is held straight up.
  2. Take the other hand and with the fingers pressed together and the palm flat, run it up and down the length of the side of the pointer finger on the first hand.
  3. This sign looks like you are dividing something up between two people – or sharing! Use this visual to help remember the sign.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign share in ASL 

  • Begin to teach this sign and the concept of sharing by modeling it yourself. Offer to share a snack or a toy with your child and support the idea with the sign. Ask him to share with you too. It’s okay if children don’t like to share or want to very often, especially with other children. It’s a skill that takes time and development. But you can teach it gently over time and support the concept with the sign.
  • Preschool learning activities that encourage sharing build good social skills! Pair children up and provide one game, puzzle, set of crayons, etc. Remind them that they need to share – and ask their friend to share if they want a turn. Supervise and encourage children express themselves with sign language when sharing.

Share. Hold one hand out, and use the other hand to divide it up. Some for you and some for me. Let’s share!

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