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We are committed to providing resources for parents who value signing with their children. Our sign language dictionary includes over 400 common signs including the top starter sings for your baby. For each word, there is a video, diagram, and teaching notes to make learning new signs easy. Many of our signs include free downloadable ASL Flashcards to help reinforce the signs taught in our series.

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Shark in Sign Language

Learn how to sign shark in ASL (American Sign Language). They’re fun to watch from a safe place!

  1. Hold one hand straight up in front of you, palm flat, and the thumb faces you. This is the shark fin.
  2. With the other hand, hold palm down. Open the fingers between the middle and ring finger into a V-shape and insert the first hand into the space formed.
  3. Keeping hands connected, move them forward in a side-to-side wave pattern.
  4. This sign looks like a shark’s fin sticking out of the water as it swims along. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign shark in ASL

  • Create a shark fin by cutting cardboard into a triangle and attach with string or a piece of elastic. Let your child pretend to be a shark while you practice the sign!
  • Play in early childhood education doesn’t have to stay indoors! Set up a water table outside and fill with ocean creatures. Encourage children to sign shark (and fish, whale, etc.) while they play.

Shark! Oooooo. Show his fin in the water. Shark!

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