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Skunk in Sign Language

Learn how to sign skunk, but look out! You don’t want to get too close!

1. With one hand, extend your pointer and middle finger into a V-shape and tuck the remaining fingers into the palm.
2. Place the hand on the top of the head, fingertips of your pointer and middle fingers pointing down over the forehead and then draw the hand up and over the head.
3. This sign looks like you are showing the stripe pattern on the back of a skunk! Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Why do skunks spray that stinky smell? Learn together from a book or an Internet search and practice signing skunk while you discover together.
  • Preschool learning often centers on different animals. Gather some toy woodland creatures, including a skunk (and maybe a bear, deer, etc.) and have your child create an imaginative forest. Encourage her to sign skunk and the other animals as she plays.

Skunk! Your two fingers show the show the skunk’s stripe. Skunk!