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Soup in Sign Language

Learn how to sign soup. Do you have a favorite kind of this cold weather treat?

1. Hold one hand up in front of you at about chest height, palm up and fingers just slightly curled. This is the bowl.
2. Take your other hand and, using the pointer and middle fingers, scoop up. Bring the fingers all the way to your lips.
3. This sign builds on the sign for spoon. By bringing it all they way to the lips you are showing how you use a spoon to eat soup! Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • There are many versions of the classic children’s book “Stone Soup”. Find one to read together and sign soup each time you hear it in the story or see it in the illustrations.
  • Interactive learning for kids is fun in the kitchen! Choose a simple soup recipe, such as one where you just add veggies (and maybe meat) to broth and simmer. Ask your child to help you prepare the family meal by chopping veggies as is appropriate, adding to the broth, and stirring as it simmers. Help your child take pride in helping provide nourishing food for the family.

Soup! Just like spoon, but bring the soup all the way up to your mouth. Soup!