Sign Language Dictionary

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Stay in Sign Language

Learn how to sign stay. It’s helpful in a number of situations!

1. Form both hands into a Y-shape by extending out the pinky and thumb and folding the remaining fingers down into the palms.
2. Hold the Y-shaped hands up at about shoulder height, palms facing out.
3. Lower the hands so the palms end up facing down at about waist height.
4. This sign looks like you are stopping something so it will stay in one place. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Play a variation of “Red Light! Green Light!” Practice the sign for stay and the sign for go with your child. Play a little game where you sign one or the other and your child follows the directions by moving forward or staying still.
  • Learning sign language for kids is fun when they can teach someone else… or something else! If you have a friendly dog around, teach it to stay using both the verbal command and the sign for stay. Let your child take the lead!

Stay. Make a “Y” hand shape with both hands, put them out in front of you, and bring them down like you’re making something stay with your hands. Stay!