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Thank You in Sign Language

Learn how to sign thank you in ASL (American Sign Language). Its an important sign for good manners and showing respect!

  1. Hold one flat hand up to your chin, palm facing in.
  2. Pull the hand forward until it stops palm up.
  3. Make sure your face looks like you are also gracious and saying thank you! Give a little smile and maybe a nod.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign thank you in ASL

  • Teaching sign language to babies is a great way to start laying the foundation for good manners. Start to teach this sign by modeling. Whenever your child hands you something say, “Oh! Thank you!” and sign. You can also cue your child to respond when someone gives her something with a thank you.
  • Try this little poem and sign thank you, please, and share: “I have super manners. Yes, I do. I can say Please and Thank You too. When I play with friends, I like to share. That’s the way I show I care.”

You hold your flat hand up to your chin and bring it down. Thank you. Thank you. Now you try! Thank you.

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