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Tree in Sign Language

Learn how to sign tree in ASL (American Sign Language). Where can you go to climb a tree?

  1. Hold one arm in front of you, forearm faces down and the palm is flat with the fingers pointing out.
  2. Place the elbow of the second hand on top of the fingertips of the first. Twist the arm.
  3. This sign looks like the first hand is the ground and the second hand is the tree waving in the breeze. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign tree in ASL

  • When teaching your baby sign language, take it outside! Go out and find a tree. Let your baby explore the texture of the bark and the leaves. Sign tree as you go.
  • What lives in a tree? Draw a tree and some of the creatures that live there. Sign tree as you talk about your drawing.

This is the sign for tree. One arm is the ground and the other arm makes a tree. Now twist it! Tree.

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