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Turkey in Sign Language

Learn how to sign turkey. They’re fun to watch!

1. With one hand, extend the pointer finger and thumb and tuck the rest of the fingers into the palm and place the back of the hand under the chin.
2. Pull the hand down a few inches.
3. This sign looks like you are showing the turkey’s waddle. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Art in early childhood education brings concepts alive. Make a hand-shaped turkey! Trace your child’s hand and let her decorate it. The fingers are the feathers and she can draw a face on the palm. Have her sign turkey as she goes.
  • Extend the activity above for children learning numbers. Label the feathers 1- 2-3-4-5 and help your child count each one. Then say, “My turkey has five feathers!” and sign turkey again, along with five.

Turkey! Take your thumb and pointer at your chin, pointing down like the turkey’s waddle. Turkey!