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Vegetable in Sign Language

Learn how to sign vegetable – these plants are part of a healthy diet!

1. First make a V-shape by extending your pointer and middle finger out into a V and tucking the rest of the fingers into a palm.
2. Tap the V on the side of your mouth a couple of times.
3. V is for vegetable – which you eat! Use these cues to help you remember the sign!

Teaching Tips:

  • When choosing sign language words to use with kids, go with what they know and see everyday. Vegetables are great to teach because they should be part of a healthy diet every day. Sign vegetables together when serving them.
  • It isn’t always easy to get kids to eat their vegetables, but if you give them a little choice, it can go a long way. Ask your child to pick out two or three vegetables to add to family meals for the week. Let them choose them at the store as well as help prepare them to give a sense of ownership (and hopefully agreement in eating them!)

Vegetable. Make a V for vegetable. And then you tap it right by your mouth.

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