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Water in Sign Language

Learn how to sign water. There are lots of opportunities to use this sign throughout the day!

1. First make a W-shaped hand by extending the pointer, middle and ring finger and tucking the other two fingers into the palm.
2. Bounce the W on your chin a couple of times.
3. W is for water. Water is good to drink! This sign uses the letter and is near your mouth where you drink. Use these cues to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Make some water games for young children! For instance, you can do an experiment in things that float and sink. Fill a large tub with water and collect some household items. Predict if the items will sink or float and test your theory!
  • How many times during the day can you sign water? When offering a drink, filling the tub, washing hands, playing with the hose… take note of when your child is interacting with water and sign together!

You make a W with your fingers and you bounce it right on your chin. Water, water. Can you sign water?