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Whale in Sign Language

Learn how to sign whale. This majestic creature of the sea is so much fun to learn about.

1. Make a Y-shaped hand by extending the pinky and thumb and tuck the remaining fingers into the palm. Hold this hand bent at the elbow and forearm straight up.
2. Bring the other hand up and hold it parallel to the body.
3. Wave the Y-shaped hand up and down in a wavy motion.
4. The Y is the whale’s tail and the motion shows it swimming up and down in the ocean. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Animal games for children are so much fun. Let your child pretend to be a whale in the tub or the pool. Blow water out through the mouth like a whale’s blowhole! Or provide toy whales for water play. Sign whale!
  • Whales are beautiful creatures of the sea, but they’ve had some trouble from humans! Learn together what you and your child can do to help save the whales. Sign whale as you learn and discover.

Whale! Make a Y for the tail and splash it in the water! Whale!