Sign Language Dictionary

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Which in Sign Language

Learn how to sign which. It’s a helpful sign when assisting with choices.

1. Hold two thumbs up, and keep the hands a few inches apart.
2. Alternate the thumbs up and down so one is higher than the other, then switch them.
3. This sign is like you are giving two choices and picking between them. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Teaching baby sign language can help alleviate tantrums in the toddler years. Sometimes a child has a really clear idea of what they want, but can’t find the spoken words. Give a couple of choices and sign which, encouraging your child to make a choice. This empowers him and helps him make a choice! Win-win!
  • Ask questions of your preschooler that have them identify traits. For instance, “Look at those two boys! Which is taller?” or, “There are two apples left. Which is bigger?”

Which. Thumbs up and make a choice. This one? Or this one? Which.