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Bring Rachel Coleman to your event! The Signing Time Foundation can partner with your organization, school, agency, conference or Buddy Walks across the country to create community outreach experiences like no other.  The mission of our Signing Time Community Concerts and Events is: Include, Inspire & Empower

Our community concerts are some of the only fully-inclusive events available anywhere.  These concerts are created in a way that every child of every ability can participate fully and enjoy the experience.  Children with Autism, children with Down syndrome, typical children, children with speech delays or verbal apraxia, children with physical disabilities that require the use of walkers, crutches, braces, or wheelchairs, as well as children with extensive medical needs will find a place “where friends can meet and find we’re not so different after all.*”

When Rachel Coleman is invited to speak or give a keynote presentation, you can count on her words and her extraordinary story to “Include, Inspire and Empower” your event attendees.  Whether your event caters to medical professionals, educators, Early Hearing Detection and Intervention employees and participants, parents of children with special needs, and participants in and around Early Intervention Services- Rachel’s message is universally applicable and this message needs to be heard.

If you are organizing an event and would like Rachel Coleman to be a part of it please contact:

Aaron Coleman at, Signing Time Foundation Outreach Coordinator. Academy Instructors contact Aaron Coleman at, Signing Time Academy Outreach Coordinator

Past American Public Television (APT) Events

When Signing Time was on American Public Television (APT), Rachel participated in outreach events with local APT stations, including:

  • WQLN Kids Club Event in Erie, PA
  • WIPB Ready to Learn Fair in Muncie, IN
  • Share-A-Story Event Kids Club Event with Prairie Public Television in Fargo, ND
  • WFYI Let’s Meet KIDS in the Park in Downtown Indianapolis, IN
  • Vegas PBS – Kids Club Event in Las Vegas, NV
  • WGVU – Kids Day Event in Grand Rapids, MI
  • UEN- Hogle Zoo Event in Salt Lake City, UT

If you are organizing an event and would like Rachel Coleman to be a part of it please contact: Aaron Coleman – Signing Time Foundation Outreach Coordinator

If you are an Instructor in the Signing Time Academy and would like to bring Rachel Coleman to your community for a Signing Time Community Concert or other event please contact: Aaron Coleman – Signing Time Academy Outreach Coordinator

Other places Rachel has appeared:

  • National Down Syndrome Awareness Groups, including:
    • New York National Buddy Walk
    • Northern Virginia Buddy Walk
    • Seaside, Oregon Buddy Walk
    • Oklahoma City Buddy Walk
    • Salem, Oregon Buddy Walk
    • Indiana Down Syndrome Foundation Buddy Walk
    • North Carolina Down Syndrome Buddy Walk
    • Triangle Down Syndrome Network
  • Diversity and disability awareness groups, including:
    • Utah Birth Defects Network
    • SOTOS Syndrome Support Association
    • Texas CHARGER Conference
    • Family Support Network of North Carolina
    • Council for Exceptional Children
    • Autism Speaks
    • Utah Birth Defects Network
    • People With Disabilities Conference
  • Deaf and hard of hearing educational presentations, including:
    • Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Conference – Chicago, Minnesota
    • Oklahoma Chapter American Society for Deaf Children
    • Ohio School Speech-Language Pathologists and Educational Audiologists
  • National organization employee diversity and inspirational presentations:
    • NASA
    • Credit Suisse
  • School assemblies and related presentations, including:
    • New Mexico School for the Deaf
    • Washington DC School District
    • North Carolina Elementary School Systems
    • Oregon Association for the Education of Young Children
    • Early Childhood Education
  • County library seminars and presentations, including:
    • San Bernardino County Library
    • Yucca Valley City Library
  • Mother, baby and related expos, including:
    • Los Angeles Baby Expo
    • Oh Baby Denver Baby Expo
    • Nevada Homeschooling Network
    • Safe Kids Fair

* Lyrics from “The Signing Time Theme Song” -written by Rachel Coleman

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