Getting Started

Two Little Hands Systems deliver active learning for all children from the time are born to the time they start to read!

Baby Signing Time

Your child’s first 100 words in signs, songs, and stories! Baby Signing Time helps you break the communication barrier so you can communicate even before your baby learns to talk. Shop

•  Know what your child wants
•  Reduce your child’s frustration
•  Actively involve your child in learning
•  Build your child’s vocabulary
•  Help your child feel loved

Potty Time

No matter what age you start or which potty training method you use, you and your child will love this playful and positive potty training support program. The video features songs that help children learn the potty routine, feel good about their bodies, and to try, try again even if there’s a few accidents along the way. Shop

Signing Time

This is the perfect age for Signing Time products. Signing helps children get ready to read by building early literacy skills. When children sign, they can get their whole bodies engaged in story time! For older children, signing can help them learn and remembers letters, numbers, and words. See our Signing Time product guide for more detailed information about our Series One, Series Two and Supplemental videos. Recommended products:
Signing Time Vol. 1-3 DVDs with Spanish Play Options
Signing Time Series 1 DVD Collection
Signing Time Series 2 DVD Collection


Our newest series teaches essential preschooll skills. Rachel Coleman and her TreeSchool friends will help your child learn to ask questions, wonder, understand, and share. Welcome to the magical world of Rachel and the TreeSchoolers! Recommended starter products:
Episode 1: A Rainy Day
Episode 1 Activity Guide for Parents – free
Episode 1 Activity Guide for Teachers – free

Children with Special Needs

We have product bundles and parent-teacher guides for children with autism, Down syndrome, and speech and language disorders. Recommended starter products:

Parent-Teacher Guides
Special Needs


We have curriculum for early childhood and elementary school educators.
Recommended starter products:
Signing Time Preschool Edition
Signing Time Classroom Edition
preschool teacher

Resources for Parents, Teachers and Therapists

Research summary on signing with babies and children
Educators and Homeschool
Childcare and Daycare
Speech and Language Therapists
Resources for Individuals with Autism
Resources for Individuals with Down Syndrome