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Bean in Sign Language

Learn how to sign bean in ASL (American Sign Language). Learning activities for kids can include food! Learning how to sign bean, and the signs for many other veggies (and fruits) can help make mealtime fun, and perhaps even convince a reluctant eater to try some new foods in the process.

1. Bring both hands up to about face height, touching pointer fingers and thumbs together on opposite hands while also tucking remaining fingers into the palms of the hand.
2. Pulling hands apart a few inches, end with hands apart, touching the thumb and pointer finger together on the same hand (right thumb to right pointer, left thumb to left pointer).
3. This sign looks a little bit like you are drawing the shape of a bean in the air. You can adjust the sign to show a small bean or big long string bean by pulling hands apart to different lengths, depending on which you wish to indicate. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign bean in ASL

• Model good eating habits by choosing healthy foods and learning the signs for different fruits and veggies and using a variety. Try to eat have your child a rainbow of colored produce everyday!
• Play games with your child using food signs. Put a variety of healthy foods out and sign one of them. Have your child choose which item you gave the sign for and have a taste!


Bean. It can be a little bean or a string bean. Bean.

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