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Bed in Sign Language

Make bedtime fun time by learning how to sign bed in ASL (American Sign Language).

  1. Bring one hand up towards the side of your head, palm up and fingers flat and pointing to towards the ceiling.
  2. Take the opposite hand, palm down and fingers together and flat, and place the finger tips into the palm of the first hand.
  3. Lay your head down towards your stacked hands.
  4. This sign looks like you are holding your pillow and laying your head down to sleep. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign bed in ASL

• Coming up with games for young children can really help support routines and transitions. Make a sequencing game around bedtime routines, using sentences such as, “When we get ready for bed, first we ___________. Then before bed we _____________. Finally, just before we hop into bed we __________.” To make it fun, try singing the sentences in a little tune or coming up with super silly things to do before bed instead of the usual routine. Sign the word bed each time you talk about the activity.


Bed. Pretend your hands are the pillow and put your head down on them. Bed.

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