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Camel in Sign Language

Learn how to sign camel in ASL (American Sign Language) and have fun talking about this unique and exotic animal!

  1. Bring one hand to chest height – fingers pressed together, palm down. Finger
    tips are pointed away from you.
  2. Moving your hand in a smooth motion across, move hand up and down to show two camel humps.
  3. This sign looks just like the double humps of a camel! Use this visual to help you remember the sign!

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign camel in ASL

  • Preschool learning is great with books! Go to the library and find books on camels. Practice the sign as you learn all about this amazing animal.
  • Teach your child this fun fact: camels with one hump are called “Dromedary”, camels with two humps are called “Bactrian”. Do an Internet search to learn more about these two creatures!
  • Camels are amazing creatures! Using your trip to the library and/or Internet search, compile a list of amazing Camel facts. Each time you talk about one, be sure to use the sign!


Camel. You show the camel’s humps. Camel.

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