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Chicken in Sign language

Learn how to sign chicken in ASL (American Sign Language) and use it both for the food and for the animal!

1. Bring one hand up to your mouth, tucking in pinky, ring, and middle fingers. Extend pointer finger and thumb – this is the bird beak.
2. Bring the other hand up about chest height, palm up and flat, fingers all together – this is the ground.
3. First tap the pointer and thumb fingers together – this is the sign for bird and the first part of the sign for chicken.
4. Next bring the “bird beak” hand down to the “ground” hand and tap pointer and thumb lightly a couple of times with the first hand onto the second hand.
5. This sign looks like a chicken pecking the ground. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign chicken in ASL

  • Where can you go to see chickens? Is there a local farm or petting zoo to visit? Or, do you need to do the next best thing and take out a book from the library? Either way, find some chickens for your child to observe and learn about and practice the sign many times while taking a look!
  • Chickens are very useful! Talk with your child about how some people eat them and some people eat their eggs. What does your family do with chickens?


Chicken. This is the sign for chicken. Make the sign for bird and then you peck at the ground. Chicken.

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