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Clear the Table in Sign language

Learn how to sign clear the table in ASL (American Sign Language) and encourage your kids to help!

1. This is a two part sign, first you sign “table” and then you sign “clean up”.
2. To sign table: bring one arm up about chest height, arm parallel to your chest and fingers pointing parallel to opposite shoulder. Bring the other arm up in the opposite direction and tap forearms together a few times.
3. Next sign “clean up”: Bring one hand up about chest height, palm up, and fingertips pointing away from you. Bring your other hand up and swipe it a few times across the first hand, palm down.
4. This sign follows ASL sentence structure in that you identify the object first (table) and the action second (clean up).

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign clear the table in ASL

  • Teach your child how to safely carry breakable plates and semi-sharp utensils (forks, not knives, of course!) from the table to the sink. Gradually work up so that when you ask and sign for them to clear the table they are able to take on more and more of the responsibility.
  • Add “clear the table” to a chore chart – it’s one of the easier chores to implement and practice for every day, sometimes multiple times per day.


Clear the table! Sign table. Your arms show the flat surface of the table. Then sign clean up. Clear the table. Great!

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