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Dessert in Sign Language

Learn how to dessert in ASL (American Sign Language) to ask for this delicious treat!

1. Make two d-shaped hands (just like the sign for the letter d!) by touching thumb to pointer, middle, and pinky fingers and extending the pointer out.
2. Take the d-shaped hands and lay them down in front of you so the thumb is on top and the pointer fingers extend straight out away from you make this sign.
3. Gently tap the thumb and touching fingers together a couple of times.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign dessert in ASL

  • Fun learning games for kids can include lessons on healthy treats! Make fruit kabobs together for dessert by placing chunks of fruit on wooden skewers. Create a pattern such as watermelon – strawberry – grape – watermelon-strawberry-grape.
  • Let your child pick out a favorite dessert. Go to the grocery store together for the ingredients and involved them in the sweet creation. Practice the sign for dessert many times as you go!

Dessert. Make Ds, lay them down and tap them together. Dessert! It does not have to be sugary. It can be fresh fruit, yogurt, or whatever you’re family enjoys.

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