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Different in Sign Language

Learn how to sign different in ASL (American Sign Language) and talk about things that are the same… and different!

1. Bring both hands up about chest height, crossed at the wrists.
2. Extend your pointer finger on both hands and tuck the rest of the fingers loosely in together.
3. Uncross your wrists, pulling both hands across the body and out to the sides.
4. Things that are different are a little like opposites – like the opposite sides you pull your hands in this sign. Use the concept of different/opposite to help you remember this sign.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign different in ASL

  • Preschool games and activities built around how things are the same and different are important to a child’s development. You can experiment with different categories such as shape, size, and color. Ask children to sort things that are the same and identify ones that are different. Use the signs as you go!
  • One of the things that make us wonderfully human are our differences. Talk with children about what makes them the same and different from their friends and celebrate the diversity! You can focus on height, hair color and length, boys and girl, and more.

Different! Cross your pointers then move your hands away from each other. Sign with me. Different.

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