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Floss teeth in Sign Language

Learn how to sign floss teeth in ASL (American Sign Language) and use it daily as an important part of oral hygiene.

  1. Bring both hands up in front of your mouth, pointer and thumb pinched together and remaining fingers resting in the palms of your hands.
  2. Keep teeth pressed together and lips open so the teeth can be seen.
  3. Move hands back and forth slightly a couple of times.
  4. This sign looks like you are holding floss in your fingers and flossing your teeth. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign floss teeth in ASL

  • Sign language makes daily routines more fun! You can also use it to teach sequencing. For example, have children floss, brush teeth, and get a drink before bed each evening. Start with cueing with both words and signs, then transition to just signs for fun. Encourage your child to sign along with you.
  • Sing a song about flossing teeth to the tune of Here we go Round the Mulberry Bush: “This is the way we floss our teeth, floss our teeth, floss our teeth. This is the way we floss our teeth each and every evening!” You can create further verses around brushing teeth, washing hands, making your bed, etc. You can also swap out evening for morning. Practice as many signs for your daily routine as you know!

Floss teeth! It’s just like you’re flossing your teeth! Floss teeth.

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