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Fun in Sign Language

Learn how to sign fun – after all, what’s more fun than signing together?

1. With one hand, rest your pointer and middle finger on your nose, tucking the rest of the fingers into the palm.
2. At the same time, keep your other hand about chest height, pointer and middle finger also extended and other fingers tucked into the palm.
3. Brush the fingers resting on your nose down and tap the top of the bottom hand.

Teaching Tips

  • Learning to sign is fun! Sign fun to your child and invite them to watch Signing Time with you! Practice the signs from the video the rest of the day.
  • How does your family like to have fun? Gather some photos of family adventures – they might be of a special trip, or a game in the backyard. Talk
    about each photo with your child and model the sentence, “We are having fun (insert activity)” Invite your child to describe the picture and use the sign for fun each time.

Fun. Your two fingers brush the tip of your nose and land on your other two fingers. Fun. Fun!

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