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Birthday Party Hat in Sign Language

Learn how to sign hat. This one is a very special hat – the kind you wear at a party!

1. Make a c-shape with one hand and tap it on top of your head a couple of times.
2. This sign is a variation of hat – it shows the bottom of a cone shaped hat such as a child would wear at a birthday party. Use that visual to help you
remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Art games for kids are a great addition to any birthday party. Rather than providing per-decorated party hats, get some blank ones and supply creative
    crafting supplies so that children can decorate their own. Encourage them to sign party hat as they create.
  • Make a Hopkins party hat! Buy a set of plain green party hats and large googly eyes to attach. Draw Hopkins’ big smile on the hat with black marker.
    Then hop around and enjoy the party!

Hat. You can pat your head to show a hat, but this is a birthday party hat so it’s shaped like a cone. Hat! You try. Hat.

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