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Kitchen in Sign Language

Learn how to sign kitchen in ASL (American Sign Language). What treats can you cook up in the kitchen?

1. Bring one hand up to about chest height, palm flat and facing up.
2. With the other hand, form the letter K (Raise the middle and pointer finger up, touch your thumb to the middle finger, and tuck in your pinky and ring finger).
3. Now, much like the sign for cook, you will flip the k-shaped hand back and forth on the palm of the hand. Start with both hands in position, with the palms facing one another, then flip the k-shaped hand its back rests on the flat palm of the first hand.
4. This sign echoes the sign for cook, while using the letter K – you cook in the kitchen! Use this concept to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign kitchen in ASL

  • Bring learning activities for children into the kitchen! Choose some child friendly recipes to create together. Talk about what else is made in the kitchen and practice the sign.
  • Create a safe place for children to play in the kitchen while you cook. Assign a cabinet or low drawer just for them and fill with plastic, rubber, and wooden cooking tools such as bowls and spoons. Allow the child to “play kitchen” while you cook for real.

Kitchen. Using the letter K, sign cook. Like you’re flipping your food. Cook with a K. Kitchen.

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