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Old in Sign Language

Learn how to sign old. Some things are old, and even people and animals get old!

1. Bring one fist up to just under your chin, touching the side of your thumb and pointer to the chin itself.
2. Pull the hand down to about waist height.
3. This sign looks like you are showing an old man’s beard. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Talk with your child about how things, people, and animals get old. When they age, they might be a little bit more fragile and need extra special care… and extra gentle hugs.
  • Activities for children that teach opposites provide for an important foundational skill. Offer pairs of things that are a mix of new and old (shoes, socks, books, etc.) Ask your child to sort them into piles of new things and old things. What can you do with the old things? Recycle? Give them away? Is it time for the trash? Practice your signs as you decide.

Old. It’s like you’re showing the beard of an old man. Try it. Old.

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