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Panda in Sign Language

Learn how to sign panda in ASL (American Sign Language) – this sweet creature is a zoo favorite!

1. First make a P-shaped hand (First hold out your middle and pointer finger out and tuck in your ring and pinky finger, bend the middle finger down to rest on the tip of your thumb. The wrist is also bent forward so fingers are pointing down).
2. Leading with the middle finger, circle a few times around the eye.
3. When you do the sign this way, it is P for panda and you are also showing the distinct black eye markings. Use these cues to help you remember the sign.
4. The other option on this sign is to fingerspell each letter. Use our dictionary to review any letters you can’t quite remember!

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign panda in ASL

  • Using items found around the house, create a panda habitat! What would a panda need to be safe, fed, and comfy? Do some online research with your child if you need a few hints.
  • P is for Panda! Create alphabet games for kids using animals. Sign an animal and have children shout out the letter that animal’s name begins with. Panda is an easy one – it uses P as a part of the sign!

Panda! Make a P and show the panda’s eye markings or spell it P A N D A. Panda! Panda.

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