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Sand in Sign Language

Learn how to sign sand in ASL (American Sign Language). Where can you find some sand to play with?

  1. Hold both hands up at about chest height, palms up.
  2. Press all the fingertips together and then rub the thumb tips over the other fingertips, like you’re feeling gritty sand.
  3. This sign is like you are playing with sand, letting it fall down between your fingers. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign sand in ASL

  • Find some sand. You can go to the beach, the playground, or even buy play sand from craft stores. What will you build with the sand? Sign sand as you create!
  • Art games for kids give you a chance to reinforce concepts and enjoy a craft. Draw out a letter of the alphabet or site words in glue, then cover them with sand. Shake off the excess sand and let the glue dry. Once it is dry, have your child close her eyes and trace the letters or words with her finger. Then she guesses what letter or word it is. Sign sand and then the letter or even the word if you know it.

Sand! Feel the sand between your fingers. Sand!

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