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Sofa in Sign Language

Learn how to sign sofa. Where is the sofa in your house?

1. Hold both hands out in front of you. The pointer and middle finger are pressed together and bent forward while the remaining fingers are tucked into the palms of each hand.
2. Touch the sides of your pointer fingers together, then slide the hands away from each other.
3. The pointer and middle finger on each hand look like pairs of legs. When you move them out, you are showing that the sofa can hold many people – or many pairs of legs! Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • What’s a favorite activity on the sofa? Do you like to curl up and read a book together? Or watch a movie? Or just chat? Do the activity together and sign sofa!
  • Play in early childhood education helps children explore their world! Provide a doll’s house with a sofa and other furniture. As children act out a scene in the doll house, encourage them to sign sofa and any other household items they know the sign for.

Sofa. Show the legs of all the people sitting on the sofa. Sofa.

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