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Starfish in Sign Language

Learn how to sign starfish in ASL (American Sign Language). Have you ever seen one?

  1. First sign star by brushing your pointer fingers against one another up at about head height.
  2. Then sign fish by holding one hand with the palm flat to the side and waving it out as you move it forward in front of you.
  3. Star + Fish = starfish! If you know the two signs for star and fish you can do starfish!

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign starfish in ASL

  • A starfish can do some pretty amazing things with its five legs. Find out what some of them are by reading a book or searching online! Sign starfish as you learn and observe.
  • Addition games for Kindergarten level and up can integrate animals and sign language. Use starfish to teach adding and counting by fives. How many legs on two starfish? How about three starfish? Sign as you go!

Starfish! Sign star, pointing up towards the stars. And fish, like a fish swimming. Starfish. Starfish!

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