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Story in Sign Language

Learn how to sign story in ASL (American Sign Language). What is your favorite story?

  1. Open both hands and face them towards each other.
  2. Brush the fingers of one hand over the fingers of the other hand as you draw the fingertips together. Alternate hands a few times.
  3. This sign is like you are weaving or creating a wonderful story! Use this cue to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign story in ASL

  • Tell an imaginary story together! Each participant takes turns adding a few lines to the story. If you’d like, one person can write down what is said so you have record of your amazing story! Sign story as you go.
  • Reading games for kids can be based on a story they have just read. Enjoy a book together and then encourage your child to act out the story.

Story. Use your hands to tell a story. Try it. Story.

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